Welcome to the Salty Dog’s Guide to Water Recreation

    Imagine the sun’s rays shining down on you as you gently float along out on a lake. Or perhaps you prefer a slightly breezy day as you head on down to the shore. Whatever your preferences may be, the Salty Dog has your guide to water recreation ready to go right here. If you love the adult bathtub toys that let you splash around, then have we got a website for you.

    These Are the Items the Salty Dog Loves

    The Salty Dog might not be able to give his audience members a bunch of free stuff, but he can show you what the best items in water recreation happen to be. It goes beyond a love for just boats and other watercraft. This guide will take you to the best fishing equipment, the best waders, and even the best life vests that can be found right now in case you’ve had a little TOO much fun on the water!

    In the eyes of the Salty Dog, there is one problem on the internet today and one alone: authenticity. People have called me the Salty Dog for decades not because I’m made from salt or eat hot dogs on a daily basis. It’s because I have built a reputation in my community for telling it like it is. There’s no room for hiding when I’m asked for an opinion.

    You’re going to get the honest truth, 100% of the time, whether it is something you want to hear or not. That’s what is being brought to this guide. Water recreation should be safe, fun, and not force you to spend your life savings on the equipment you need.

    You Are Certain To Find a Treasure or Two

    Over the years, I have come to discover that the greatest treasures aren’t always in the fanciest toys or the smelliest bath lotions that make you smell like a tropical flower. The best treasure comes from the tools that can be used to keep you content. Having a nice boat is great, but what are you going to do when it starts taking on water and you’ve got a poorly made bilge pump?

    Or what if you are using an inferior fishing rod, catch the big one, and just as you’re about to haul it in… the rod snaps, smacks you in the face, and you’re left with a permanent scar that reminds you that you were too cheap to spend a little extra cash on a high quality rod?

    Come talk to the Salty Dog. Come see what my favorite things in water recreation happen to be. You will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of these items, how affordable they happen to be, and how easy they are to use. 

    Go Forth and Tell Your Story on the Water

    Open water, whether it happens to be the ocean or the pond in your backyard, brings instant joy when you’re out on it. It is a joy that no one can take away from you, no matter how hard they try. It’s been said that death and taxes are the only two guarantees in life, but the Salty Dog has a third guarantee: you will love water recreation.

    Take a look at my guide. Use the Salty Dog’s tips to help you enjoy the water a little more. Take a look at my favorite things. Here’s my guarantee: you will find at least one useful tip here, even if you’ve been on the water for decades.