The Best Swim Goggles Reviewed

    If you’ve never worn a pair of swimming goggles before, then the process of selecting the best ones can be a very frustrating experience. You’ve got to be able to know what to look for in the best swimming goggles so that you don’t waste your money on a pair that aren’t designed as well as they could be. If you’re ready to protect your eyes from the pool water, the lake water, or you just want to have a pair on hand for the kids, then here is the information you’re going to want so you can choose the best swimming goggles possible.

    Here Is the Best Chart for Swimming Goggles

    Swimming goggles come in all different colors, shapes, and sizes. Some even attach to the head differently than others. To find the best goggles possible, you’ll need some information about each pair so you can get a pair that meet your needs. That’s what the chart below provides.

    Here Are the Salty Dog’s Favorite Swimming Goggles

    Cressi Flash Ultra Clear Premium Swim Goggles

    These swimming goggles are not only comfortable, but they’re incredibly durable. The anti-scratch coating on the exterior of the lens is really nice and the curved nature of the lens helps to create a more comfortable fit. The lenses are shatterproof as well, so you won’t have to worry about impacts around the eye as you swim. The buckles of these goggles offer micro adjustments and the buckles are interchangeable with all other Cressi products. They even offer some UV protection and the anti-fog treatment works consistently. These are definitely some swimming goggles to consider today.

    Speedo Vanquisher Swim Goggle

    For an affordable pair of swimming goggles, you can beat the mirrored finish that is perfect for competitive swimmers that come with this pair. These goggles really help to minimize the glare that light and water can sometimes produce; yet the expanded side view allows for a swimmer to use their peripheral vision effectively too. It’s a low-profile fit for these goggles, they are latex free, and the rigid frame creates a consistent watertight seal. The nosepiece can even be swapped out for something else to provide a more customized fit.

    Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Swim Goggle

    These swimming goggles might be designed for the ladies, but anyone wearing them is going to look and feel fabulous. The design of the lens allows swimmers to enjoy a full 180-degree field of visibility that is free from distortions. The buckle system is incredibly easy to adjust and the Plexisol lenses stay clear whether you’re in the pool or a natural body of water. They offer 100% UVA/UVB protection and the scratch-resistant coating allows these swimming goggles to be a long-term investment.

    FINIS Energy Goggles

    These are one of the best swimming goggles thanks to the soft frame that they have, which allows for an extreme amount of flexibility. It’s a one-piece frame, so it isn’t going to work with all face styles, but the dual silicone strap is incredibly comfortable. The goggles themselves are nice and light and the polycarbonate lenses offer anti-fog features and UV protection. If you’re looking to get a lot of value out of your swimming goggles, then the price point and these features make the Energy series from Finis are ones that must be strongly considered.

    Aqua Sphere Moby Kids Swim Goggles

    These swimming goggles are designed with the kids in mind. They’re super simple to put on and the easy adjustment system of the buckles will help kids have a leak-resistant pair of goggles that will let them swim for an extended period of time. The goggles are large enough to provide a full view of the water without difficulty while different lens types are available based on a child’s needs and the expected lighting conditions. These are real goggles that will let your children be able to have fun in the water just like you can and they will feel all grown up.

    What to Look for in Swimming Goggles?

    With such a diverse range of features and brands, choosing a pair of goggles is as tricky as finding a new phone or buying a new pair of shoes. While the cost of phones and shoes is (usually) incomparable with swimming gear, most swimmers know the frustration they have to deal with by adjusting and fiddling the goggles at every turn.

    So before you take a dive in and pick the most aesthetic-looking or expensive pair, take out a minute and read our quick guide to find out what you must get from your goggles.

    Sunlight Protection

    Like our skin, our eyes are very susceptible to sun damage as well. This is because of ultraviolet rays, and when the light from the sun reaches Earth, most of the harmful rays get filtered out. Unfortunately, over the past years, the atmospheric layer that filtered these harmful rays has become weak, so most of them enter the Earth on their own.

    For this reason, we must take matters into our own hands and protect our eyes just as we protect our skin. Protecting our eyes can be done simply by making use of UV-rated sunglasses. The special tint in such goggles blocks the light from making direct contact with our eyes and helps in reducing the formation of wrinkles.


    Some swimming goggles come with hydrodynamic lenses, and they allow you to enjoy a wider peripheral view. If you are simply swimming for fun with your friends and family, then this feature is not really needed; however, for competitions and training, visibility can make a huge difference. For a stronger vision, you must focus on the color of the lens (more on this later) and also look out for features, such as a leak-proof and anti-fog design. These features assist in increasing your vision underwater and can even help in winning the race!


    Your swimming goggles may seal your eyes perfectly, but even the slightest lack of comfort on your nose can be a very irritating factor. Most swimming goggles come with adjustability and allow you to alter the nose pieces; however, if your goggles are too tight and rub excessively on the bridge of your nose, then you must try another pair on.

    For competitions, you may want to focus your attention on features such as sunlight protection, visibility, and whether they are leak-proof and anti-fog. However, on race day, nothing can help you win except comfortability, so it is essential to keep this feature in mind when buying goggles.


    This is another crucial key factor to keep in mind. If you do not have a clear mind on your budget/spending limit, then you can put yourself in a dangerous spot, not knowing how much you are able to spend. And such a situation is what leads to overspending. So before you take any further steps, figure out your budget and then look for glasses that fall into your range.


    The next indispensable component on our list is picking out a trusted brand. Typically, a brand name such as Speedo ensures that you have invested in premium-quality swimming goggles. However, if you are choosing another brand, then doing some research on the brand you have picked is a smart idea. This will let you know how satisfied the customers were with the purchase. This way, you can make a smarter decision.

    Once you find a brand that you trust, you must look for how many reviews their product has and what reviewers have to say. This step is pretty simple; the more good reviews a product has, the better it will be. When going through negative products, keep one thing in mind – if the goggles have more than fifteen percent of negative reviews, then not buying them is a much smarter decision. However, if the negative reviews are less and positive reviews are sky-rocketing, then you can easily proceed further.


    Lens Color

    What most people don’t know is that the color of the lens is not only there for aesthetics; it actually serves a function. Your choice of lens color depends on the lighting conditions in the pool you swim in. Most colorful lenses are primarily for use indoors, whereas some darker shades such as grey, black and blue help in reducing the sun’s glare. The lens color must adapt to where you swim and improve your vision.

    Currently, there are various different lens colors present, including light or pale-colored lenses, mirrored lenses, or photo-chromatic lenses.

    1. Lightly Colored Lens

    Lightly colored lenses or pale lenses are needed if you are swimming in a pool with low brightness. If the pool is poorly lit or dark, then this lens is good for you. Such goggles provide you a vision that’s closer to what clear lens goggles promise and give you accurate lighting in low-lighting conditions along with an accurate sight. These goggles are also perfect for overcast conditions where high visibility is required.

    2. Mirrored Lens

    If you swim in a pool with extra lighting or outdoors, then in sunny conditions, it is necessary to decrease the sun’s reflection and glare. Mirrored lenses are great for any swimmer whose preferred swimming time is noon and outdoors. These goggles not only protect your eyes from the UV rays but also prevent opponents from being able to see into your eyes.

    Swimming Goggles lens

    3. Photo-chromatic Lens

    Photo-chromatic lenses or, more commonly known as smoked lenses, are ideal for water conditions where the brightness level is average. The main focus of such a lens is to darken when the light is extremely bright and to lighten when the light is low, providing you with top-notch visibility.

    Such lenses are ideal for outdoor usage and even swimming in open water when the sun is unpredictable. They help in the reduction of eye fatigue immensely. This is why many open-water swimmers tend to opt for such lenses for their goggles.

    Head Strap

    The strap does not have a strong role in the seal of the goggles but is imperative for keeping them in place. Goggles that are too tight will simply add pressure to the sensitive area around your eyes and make it difficult to enjoy your swim. For this reason, looking for split straps is a much better idea since they hold the goggles in place and provide you with the comfort you need. You will also enjoy an adjustable strap since it gives you the power to tighten or loosen the strap according to what you prefer.


    Our experts understand that with all the information present above, people are always left with some questions unanswered. We do our best to answer every query you have so that you make the right decision and don’t regret your purchase later on.

    Are Goggles Really Necessary for Swimming?

    You may think to yourself that you can see underwater perfectly without goggles, but the truth of the matter is, this doesn’t matter. What matters is your eye’s health which can start deteriorating very quickly if you neglect wearing goggles in the pool. They help in protecting the skin around your eyes, which can get wrinkly underwater and due to sun damage.

    Furthermore, there is a lot of debris present inside the pool, such as leaves, dust, bugs, sweat, hair, lotion, perfumes, and sunblock, to name a few. You do not want these things to damage any of your organs, especially not your eyes, so it is a good idea to wear goggles all the time during your swim.

    Can Wearing Swimming Goggles Damage Your Eyes?

    Swimming goggles, just like earplugs, swimming caps, and fins, are simply designed to upgrade your swimming experience and make it better for you. That being said, some studies have found out that extra-tight swimming goggles can raise eye pressure and, therefore, end up damaging your vision. This is an important thing to keep in mind when choosing a pair of goggles for yourself.

    In order to completely ensure the optimal health of your eyes when swimming in deep chlorine water, you will need to focus on the fit of the swimming goggles. Goggles that are extra tight around your eyes and nose can put pressure on the blood flow in the area and cause the deterioration of your sight. However, finding goggles that wrap around your head tightly and keep it leak-proof yet aren’t tight enough to squeeze the life around your eyes can make for the ideal purchase.

    Make sure you do ample research on the size and fit of goggles before you invest your money in them. This way, you will be able to enjoy your time in the pool without worrying about your eyes.

    Are Swimming Goggles Comfortable?

    Don’t wrap the straps around your head. Just push the lenses of the goggles into your eyes as if you were wearing them. This will let you know if they’ll work for your face shape. Without comfort, you’re not going to want to wear them for the time required in the pool. Look for foam rubber or silicone padding for eye socket comfort and a bridge design that won’t dig into your nose.

    Do the Swimming Goggles Stick?

    The best swimming goggles are going to create a temporary seal around your eyes when they’re pressed into your face. After pressing them in to see if they’ll be comfortable, release the goggles to see if they stick in place for a few seconds. If they do, then you’ll have a leak-free experience in the water. If not, you’ll want to look for a different pair.

    How to Put on the Straps of Swimming Goggles?

    Put the straps on and see if they’re still comfortable. Do the goggles pull at your eyes? Is the strap digging into the back of your head? If not, then you’ve got the best goggles for swimming.

    The best swimming goggles can come at any price point. As long as they fit your face and create a good seal, you won’t have to worry about having water leak into your eyes during a swim.

    swimming goggles

    What Are the Benefits of the Best Swimming Goggles?

    When you’ve got great swimming goggles, then you’ve got something that will help you see under the water. The pressure of the water, along with the backpressure from the goggle straps, will help to keep the water from entering your eyes. That’s why it is very important to make sure that the straps on your preferred swimming goggles can be easily adjusted. The straps shouldn’t be able to easily detach either. If they do, then you’ll just have frustration waiting for you when you get to the water. Get a good fit and you’ll have a great experience.

    The type of environment can help with your sight as well. If you have light lenses in your swimming goggles, then you’ll be able to see clearly at an indoor pool. Dark goggles are perfect for an outdoor swim because they act like a pair of sunglasses. Brighter environments typically benefit from darker swimming goggles, but everyone has their own personal preferences.

    You’ll also want to check on the quality of the anti-fog coating on the swimming goggles to weigh the value of this final benefit. Lenses that have been coated are worth the extra small-added costs because they won’t become fogged as often, even if water does manage to leak into the goggles during a swim for some reason. Fogged up swimming goggles, especially in a pool, can actually create a dangerous situation. That’s why anti-fog lenses provide value.

    What Are Some Common Problems With Swimming Goggles?

    Swimming goggles come with plenty of options, features, sizes, and shapes. This means that choosing the best goggles for swimming often just comes down to your own personal preferences. The biggest problem is that comfort is emphasized over practical use. Comfortable swimming goggles are great until they spring a leak in the pool and your eyes burn from the chlorine. Comfort and a good seal are both important.

    Larger swimming goggles tend to slide off more during activities, like taking a dive off the diving board. Any quick flip turns could also dislodged the larger goggles. Go with smaller ones if you plan on being very active in the pool.

    Here’s a Salty Dog pro tip: Diving goggles and swimming goggles are not the same thing. You do not want to wear diving goggles in the pool or for a swim out at the local lake. You’ll just wind up having them slip off more often than not.

    What Are the Prices of the Best Swimming Goggles Today?

    If you purchase bulk-swimming goggles, then it is possible to pick up a pair for as little as $5. These goggles are very basic and don’t offer many features or a consistent seal, so they are usually considered an emergency backup option. High quality swimming goggles can be found on a website like Amazon for about $20 and will have shatterproof lenses with anti-scratch treatments on them. Premium goggles priced above $50 may create higher levels of durability, but often provide the same overall user experience.


    The best swimming goggles must do two things: provide consistent vision and be leak-free. Comfort should also be in the equation so the goggles can be worn for an extended period of time. Use these tips and these swimming goggle reviews to find the best pair to meet your needs and then get out on the water and have some fun.

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