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    Wakeboard Tower

    It wasn’t that long ago that every boat seemed to have an extended pylon. The idea of having a wakeboard tower was considered a bit ridiculous at best. Times have changed, however, and the best wakeboarding tower is almost a necessity for the modern boat. A new boat typically comes with a tower already installed, so if you have an older boat and need a tower, then this guide is geared towards you.

    Here Is the Best Chart for Wakeboarding Towers

    How can you make sure to purchase the right tower for your boat? One of the first places to start is with the chart below. This will let you get the information you need to make an empowered decision about your wakeboard tower.

    Here Are the Salty Dog’s Favorite Wakeboarding Towers

    Ice Universal Wakeboard Tower

    If your boat is 62-103 inches wide, then this wakeboarding tower is going to work well for you. It has a 2.25-inch diameter, which is great because it reduces the amount of flex that smaller tubing can sometimes provide to the wake boarder. It is a fully collapsible tower as well, coming down to almost windshield height on most boats. You’ll get the backing plates and mounting hardware included with your purchase and the end result is a great tower and a better-looking boat.

    • High Polished "chrome-like" finish
    • Universal Fit - Accommodates boats 62" - 103" wide
    • Adjustable stance between front and back mounts from 40" to 60"
    • 2.25" large diameter - flex reducing aluminum tubing fully collapsible to near windshield height
    • Mounting hardware and backing plates are included
    • Tower collapses to at or below windshield height …

    Origin OWT-I Wakeboard Tower

    This wakeboard tower works on boats that are 68-104 inches in width and has one of the easiest installations that you can ever imagine. The shiny finished looks lovely with the polished appearance, that actually stands up to the water environment pretty well, all things considered. It can also fold down to a standard height for storage purposes and the tubing is 2.25 inches for better strength. It’s made from stainless steel, is nice and versatile, and will fit most boats that are on the market today. You may, however, need to reinforce your installation points.

    • Wakeboard Tower - Adjustable tower that fits boats from 68" to a 98" beam
    • Wakeboard Tower for Boat - Universal tower design adjusts for width during installation. Fits most boats 17' - 22' in length
    • Polished Aluminum Wakeboard Tower - All Tubing is 2.25 inch 6063 polished aluminum and hardware is stainless. Tower comes with mounting hardware and single bolt feet for an easy installation …

    Monster Swing TurboSwing Towbar

    This wakeboard tower helps to elevate the towrope above the wake so that a consistent, smooth pull can be experience while improving towing power by up to 20 HP. Mounting clamps attach directly to your outboard motor bracket so installation is really easy. You’ll still have downward drag problem for extended air sessions, but the turbo swing motion of the bar allows for fluid side-to-side motions that other towers just can’t provide. If you’ve got an outboard motor, then this might just be the best wakeboard tower for you.

    • Corrosion resistant 316 stainless steel tow bar elevates the tow rope to keep it clear of the wake and prop wash
    • Pulley system affords smooth, consistent pulls
    • Universal motor bracket installation - fits virtually any brand of outboard motor
    • Tow ropes clip quickly and easily to TurboSwing pulley system …

    Attwood Fixed Height Ski Tows with Swivel Head

    This is another fixed height ski tow that comes in a tripod design that features a swivel head and 45 inches of height. Because of where this tower would need to be installed, boat owners may need to place some reinforcements on the decking so that the boat itself does not become damaged over time. It is cheaper than a full boat wakeboard platform, however, and that’s what may make this option attractive to certain boat owners.

    • Elevated attachment point allows tow rope to clear deck obstructions
    • Pro-Swivl with nylon bushing head reduces rope wear
    • Quick-disconnect hitch pin system
    • Post Diameter: 1-½ inch
    • 6 inch diameter stainless steel pin base

    Swivl-Eze Runabout Ski Tow Hitch

    With a height of 45 inches and a post diameter of 1.5 inches, this is more of a tripod system of towing than a generalized tower. The increased height will allow skiers and wake boarders to grab some extra air and it installs very easily, but it may not save the same amount of space that some boat owners would like to see. If your boat won’t support a modern tower, however, and you still want to add to the flexibility of how you can tow a wake boarder, then this tower can solve some of your problems.

    What Are the Benefits of a Wakeboarding Tower?

    The best wakeboarding tower does more than just allow a wake boarder the chance to have an increased freedom of movement as they hop the wake. It also does more than just make a boat look downright awesome. There are actually four key benefits that come with the installation of a tower.

    1. It provides users with more hang time. Low tie-off points naturally drag a wake boarder back down to the water’s surface. With the higher tie-off point, bigger air can be achieved.
    2. There’s more useable boat space. The old pylons took up space. They were usually in the middle of the boat and when the ties or supports were included, it was virtually impossible to move around in a boat with an active wake boarder.
    3. It provides more space for more stuff. The bars of the average wakeboard tower are able to support storage racks, speakers, or even lights to customize the look of a boat and enhance the fun experiences of a day on the water.
    4. There’s a natural place for support. The wakeboard tower provides a stable point for embarking or disembarking on the boat.

    It’s true that boat owners can get the extended pylon for a cheaper price than a wakeboard tower, but the tower is more stable, a better wakeboarding experience, and anything that lets you mount speakers to it is pretty incredible.

    How To Find the Best Wakeboarding Tower

    If you’re buying a new boat, then just ask about having a new wakeboarding tower installed. Simple. If you’ve got an older boat, however, you’ll need to think about whether or not a custom tower or an adjustable tower is your best option. Adjustable wakeboard towers are more affordable, are often in stock on websites like Amazon, but only come in a few different colors. Custom towers fit your boat perfectly, are more stable, but also more expensive.

    By weighing the advantages of both options and what your budget happens to be, then you’ll be able to secure the best wakeboarding tower for your boat in no time at all.

    The best wakeboard towers will help you have a great afternoon of water recreation time and time again for a fair price. Get the type that works best for your boat, get it secured, and then go have some fun carving out bigger air.

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