Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers: Reviews Of The Top Sound Systems

    Having some tunes available as you shred through the boat’s wake can really pump up a routine or help give a ride some rhythm, but the music from the boat is rarely going to reach a wakeboard that’s behind a 60 foot tow rope. In order to get the music that you want, the best wakeboard tower speakers will provide some additional audio goodness when you need it the most.

    Here Is the Best Chart For Wakeboard Tower Speakers

    You don’t actually need to put these speakers on a wakeboard to fully enjoy them. Mount them to a roll bar, put them up on your outdoor patio, or install them on the tower so you can hear the music behind the boat. It’s totally up to you! The chart below will let you find the best speakers for your needs.

    Salty Dog’s Favorite Wakeboard Tower Speakers

    BOSS Audio 550-watt 4 way Marine 6×9″ Speakers

    Although these speakers aren’t technically waterproof, they deliver an awesome sound that you’re going to enjoy. The music is deep and authentic, while the sounds project out far and wide. These are coaxial speakers and have 550w of peak power available to them through the 6×9 woofer and 1.5 aluminum voice coil. There are two 1-inch Mylar dome tweeters that provide clear highs that can’t be found at this price point. Just one downer: these speakers are non-returnable.

    • All-Terrain, Fully Marinized Speaker System For Marine and Powersports
    • 6 x 9 Inch Poly Injection Cone, Two 1 Inch Mylar Dome Tweeters, One 2.5 Inch Mylar Cone Midrange
    • 1 Inch Aluminum Voice Coil, Rubber Surround, Plastic Basket. 550 watts max 275 watts RMS power handling
    • Adjustable Cast Aluminum Swivel Clamps fits bars From 1.5” to 2.5”, Great for ATV’s, UTV Cages or Waketowers …

    MCM Custom Audio 6.5″ Marine Wakeboard Two-Way Speaker Pair

    Featuring a poly cone woofer that has rubber surround and a 1-inch titanium dome tweeter, the sounds are crisp and clear from this speaker pair. They are suitable for mounting on virtually any tube or rail and offer 90 decibels of maximum output. The speakers handle 100 watts of power and work with virtually any system you have. If you’re looking for loud speakers in whatever situation you may have, then these can get the job done. The black plastic mounts are a little disappointing, but otherwise these are definitely some of the best wakeboard tower speakers around right now.

    • Poly cone woofer with rubber surround and 1" titanium dome tweeter
    • Binding post connections with heavy duty ABS case and mount
    • Power handling: 100W/200W (RMS/max) @ 4ohm - Frequency response: 40Hz~20KHz - Sensitivity: 90dB
    • Minimum/Maximum mounting diameter: 1 1/8" / 1 1/2"

    Rockford Fosgate M282B-WAKE M2 Wakeboard 8-Inch Tower Speaker

    These might just be the best wakeboard tower speakers that you’re going to find today. Although they come with a premium price point, there is no denying the authentic, powerful sounds that come through them. They have unlimited flexibility thanks to their 360 degree rotational mounting capabilities and the cast aluminum mounting hardware can work with tower bars that are up to 2.75 inches in size. You’ll be getting a pair of speakers that have nice looks, a flat mounting bracket, and great sounds. Can’t beat that.

    • The PM282W is a pair of white Punch 8" 2-way wakeboard tower speaker loaded into a sealed tight enclosure with a stainless steel sport grille. Comes with mounting hardware and safety lanyard
    • True marine grade and Element Ready, protecting against Dust, UV, Water, Corrosion, and feature stainless hardware …

    PYLE 6.5″ 200 Watt Two-Way White Wake Board Speakers

    If you’re looking for a solid, affordable pair of speakers, then these might just be the pair you want. With Butyl rubber surround and 4-ohm impedance, the 200 watts of rated peak power seem just about right. The mounting bracket is included and the design is water resistant under most circumstances. It features a 6.5-inch poly mica woofer cone and a heavy-duty plastic cabinet that comes in either white or black. If you’re on a budget and need the best wakeboard tower speakers possible, these definitely fit the bill.

    • BUTYL RUBBER SURROUND: These wakeboard tower speakers have 8in subwoofers, 1.0” dome tweeters and butyl rubber surround for durability. Constructed with 60Hz - 20kHz frequency response for impressive bass response
    • 300 WATT POWER: The dual 8” speaker system kit is designed to provide outstanding performance in terms of output power, bandwidth extension and distortion with 300 watt max power. It has 4 Ohms impedance ensuring high quality sound …

    Lanzar 600 Watts 6×9″ 4-Way Marine Wake Board Speaker

    Body Glove Wakeboard

    If you want to have surround sound for any situation, then these are the wakeboard tower speakers for you. They sound solid and without muddiness when they’re outdoors, but their true power shines when incorporated into an indoor monitoring system. With 600 watts of peak power and a heavy-duty plastic cabinet, the gold plated plug terminals are the design highlight of these speakers. Easy to mount and with awesome sounds, there’s no doubt that you’ll love these particular speakers.

    How To Select the Best Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

    Wakeboard tower speakers need to be designed to resist the elements. Many happen to be water resistant instead of waterproof and that might not be good enough for some boats. Depending on where you go wakeboarding, you may also need to have speakers, which are able to withstand the salty environments that want to create corrosion. Even if you have aluminum casings, for example, they’ll still get pitted over time because of the saltwater environment.

    You’ll also want to look for speakers that work with your particular wakeboard tower. Not all clamps are created equally or work universally. Imagine purchasing the best wakeboard tower speakers only to find out that they don’t attach to your tower? If you’re planning on hooking up an amp, you’ll need to have room for that as well.

    Most speakers are available on Amazon and similar sites right now for about $100.

    While some people prefer the sound of water and their own thoughts while wakeboarding, others feel pain and anguish of not being able to hear the music from the built-in sound system in the motorboat sixty feet ahead of them. If you’re one of the latter and want the best wakeboard tower speakers, then make sure you consider the following.


    With speakers, the rule is always “the bigger, the better.” This is because a speaker with a bigger size plays louder and has more bass. With wakeboard tower speakers, the advantage is that you do not have to fit them in a limited space as they have to be mounted on top of the tower. You can buy whatever size you want. The size of the speakers you go for comes down to your own visual aesthetic as well as your preference for music.

    If you require a subtle look and do not want the speakers interfering with movement on the boat, you would want a smaller size. If you like loud music, you should get a bigger size as it will provide bass and low frequency. On the other hand, smaller speakers play mid and high frequencies better.


    You need to make sure that the speakers you end up purchasing have been tested and approved to be marine-rated. This means that the speakers should be safe to use in a marine environment and must provide you with top-notch sound quality. Having marine-rated speakers means that they will be resistant to all marine environmental factors such as saltiness and UV rays, apart from water. Marinized speakers will be more durable in a marine environment and will not break down. All speakers vary in their degree of marinization.


    The mounting mechanism for each wakeboard tower speaker differs. You need to be very careful while taking measurements to figure out which speaker will fit on top of the tower. You could find the best speaker according to your requirements, but it would be useless if you do not take accurate measurements and it cannot be mounted properly.

    Newer, modern wakeboard towers require particular mounting brackets for speakers to fit. Some provide a 360-degree rotation feature which is a great addition as you can direct the speaker to where you want the sound.

    Water Resistance or Waterproofness

    All wakeboard tower speakers are not waterproof; a lot of them are only water-resistant. These two terms differ greatly in meaning. Water-resistant means that the product can resist sprays of water but does not necessarily keep water out. Meanwhile, waterproof products are designed to keep the water out. This means that if you were to submerge the product in water, its performance would remain unaffected.

    For wakeboarding, it is much better to get waterproof speakers rather than water-resistant ones. You will not necessarily submerge them in water, but the speakers are bound to get wet, considering that they will be around waves all the time. Waterproof speakers will be able to withstand this water. Trust us; you do not want the entry of water to be the reason behind your speakers’ malfunctioning!

    Power Handling

    Power handling is the manufacturer-declared limit to how much power a speaker can handle and continue working at. It is measured in RMS and Peak or Max. While RMS power rating gives a measure of power the speakers can handle continuously, the peak power rating is the power the speakers can handle in short intervals. When it comes down to choosing between a speaker with a higher RMS power rating and one with a higher peak power rating, you should prefer the speaker with a higher RMS.

    Aesthetic and Appearance

    Speakers do not have a specific look. And how aesthetic you want your speakers to be comes down to your preference. You could go for a subtle look or something very outrageous. Most wakeboard tower speakers are standard black and white. You can also opt for speakers in customized colors to match your boat. Some speakers in the market are very cool to look at with LED lights and trendy colors. However, it is important to understand that the quality of a product is more important than its aesthetic and appearance.


    The sensitivity rating of a speaker is a measure of the sound it will emit when given a particular power. With speakers, the higher the sensitivity, the more efficient the speakers will be. If you have a high-powered system, speakers with a lower sensitivity rating will work better. If the system is low-powered, speakers with a higher sensitive rating are more suitable.

    Frequency Range

    As the name suggests, this is the range of frequency speakers can emit sound at. For example, for a speaker with a frequency range 10Hz-10,000Hz, 10Hz is the lowest frequency, and 10,000Hz is the highest frequency at which it can emit sound.

    Materials And Design

    Many different materials are utilized to make wakeboard tower speakers, and there are a plethora of designs available on the market. The material is important because it is directly related to how responsive the speakers will be. It also ensures the quality of sound and longevity of the product.


    The material used in making the woofer directly affects the quality as well as the responsiveness of the wakeboard tower speakers. The material should be lightweight and stiff to ensure the effectiveness of a speaker. Polypropylene is a popular material used for the cone.

    Woofer Surrounding

    The material surrounding the woofer plays a role as equally important as the woofer. It not only provides protection but also improves the quality of sound. Durable and lightweight material is used to increase the longevity of the woofer by limiting its movement, leading to low energy consumption.

    Wear and tear and humidity also affect the longevity of the woofer. Since this is something beyond human control, there’s not much you can do except for choosing a long-lasting material for the woofer surrounding. The best material for this is rubber. Cloth and wool give a lower performance and have a shorter lifespan.


    Signals cross through coated wiring and create distortion while using speakers. To counter the distortion, speakers tend to have external crossovers. They separate frequency inputs and ensure the smooth playing of music with no disturbance.


    We have gone the extra mile to answer a few of the common questions buyers have before and after they purchase wakeboard speakers.

    How to Position the Speaker?

    Speakers come with clamps and fasteners. Make sure that the speakers have adjustable clamps and waterproof fasteners so that they do not break or come loose.

    The height and angle are important measures while positioning your speakers. Your focus should be on keeping wakeboarders happy while positioning speakers. The direction should be such that they have no problem hearing the music and have a great experience. Speakers with swivel clamps are helpful as they allow you to adjust the speakers according to wakeboarders’ requirements.

    Another aspect of positioning is thinking about whether there’s a chance of people bumping their heads or elbows into the speakers. You will also need your speakers to have perfect spacing; they should not be too far apart or too close together. This distance impacts the quality of sound.

    Towers have holes where the speakers can be mounted, which is generally the best position. Once you fix the position, you can secure the wiring accordingly.

    How to Maintain My Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

    Some steps you can take to maintain the speakers are:

    • Clean and wipe the cans after each use in saltwater to avoid water spots.
    • Rinse the speakers with soap and water once a season.
    • Getting single or double-barrel speaker covers is always a great idea to maximize protection. These are much thicker than ordinary speaker covers and will not dampen the sound.

    How Do You Wire Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

    Before you wire the speaker, make sure you consider that the motorboat will be running and surrounded by water as well as a lot of people; hence the environment will be noisy. The excess noise means you will need a high volume which in turn means you need to be able to provide a lot of power to the speakers.

    The wiring process begins once the speakers have been positioned. Newer wakeboard towers are sometimes already wired. If so, you will have to connect either end of the wire, one to the speaker and the other to the amplifier or music player.

    If the tower is not wired, you will probably notice channels on it for wiring. It is best to use safety-light wires to feed the wires. If there’s a safety light on the boat, then tie one end of the speaker wire to the safety light wire and then use one wire to pull the other one.

    You have to be extra careful when you do this. Any resistance you notice can be sorted out by lubricating the channels. Do not hurry and follow the natural channels on the tower. Pulling the extra speaker wire can be used to pull the light wire through again. When the wires have been accommodated in the channels and holes, you can connect them to the speaker.

    What Are the Advantages of Wakeboard Tower Speakers?

    If you’ve already spent the money to get a wakeboard tower, then don’t just let it sit there bare and empty. The person on the waves can only hear the sounds of the engine and whatever thoughts are in their own heads. That’s a Zen experience to some, but horribly boring to others. The best wakeboard tower speakers will project the music out to the 70-foot range in most instances so that your water recreation can have the tunes that it deserves.

    The best speakers can operate independently, but many of them need to have an amp to maximize their sounds. That may be problematic for some boat owners, so knowing if your wakeboard tower speakers can operate amp-free is a critical component of the selection process.

    The quality of the sound is the other advantage of the modern wakeboard tower. You’ll receive crisp highs, low bass, and the perfect mid-range so that sounds are authentic and clear instead of distorted. It’s only a small investment to get a good speaker, so using these reviews to find the best speakers for your wakeboard tower is really an investment in yourself.


    The best wakeboard tower speakers will have you enjoying some fresh beats on a beautiful day on the water. Use these options today to your advantage, get the best speakers possible, and then go have a great time.

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