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    Are you trying to find the best fishing reel? The best reel often depends on what your fishing intentions happen to be. If you want to catch the small fish out of a local pond, then you don’t need to have the massive equipment necessary to catch something like a sturgeon. You could go into a local shop, tell them the fish you’re after, and then purchase their recommendation… or you could save money, use this guide, and purchase the best fishing reel today on your own.

    The Best Chart For the Modern Fishing Reel

    Fishing reels come in all different shapes and styles. Some meet needs that others cannot. That’s why being able to compare and contrast different makes and models is so important. The chart below will help you to do just that.

    Here Are the Salty Dog’s Favorite Fishing Reels

    Okuma SLV Diecast Aluminum Fly Reel

    The nicest feature of this fishing reel is that it stands up to the tests that an angler can put at it. So many aluminum reels are lightweight, but light on their ability to resist a ding or two. Scratch the surface of some and you’ll wind up with corrosion fast. With this reel, designed for the fly rod, you’ll receive a precision-machined spool shaft and a one-way roller bearing. If you need a high quality spare spool in your collection, this is definitely one of the first to consider today.

    Penn Spinfisher V Fishing Reel

    With a total of 6 seals on this model, the water tight design of this particular fishing reel is quiet impressive. You can take it out to virtually any environment and wind up not needing to worry if any of the spray from the surf got on your reel. It doesn’t need any backing either since the included rubber gasket keeps the line from slipping. There are even line capacity rings included so that anglers will always know how much line is available to them when fighting to land a fish. The stainless steel bearing system is incredibly useful and the friction trip ramp prevents a premature bail trip.

    Abu Garcia Black Max Low Profile Baitcast Reel

    With a smooth retrieve system and a lightweight graphite frame, this fishing reel was built to help lovers of hardcore fishing in some of the world’s toughest environments. The bent handle is nice and compact, giving anglers a surprising amount of leverage thanks to the including ergonomics of the system. The power disk drag systems helps to round out the complete smoothness of the experience with this fishing reel and brass gears will make it be a long-lasting investment. It is easily one of the best baitcasting reels on the market today.

    Shimano Spin Reel Clam

    This is a great beginner’s reel. With a max drag of 7 pounds, it isn’t going to blow you away with some amazing capacities. It is a simple reel for simple fishing, which is sometimes the best fishing there happens to be. It’s lightweight at just 8.6 ounces, which makes it perfect for the kids who want to accompany Mom or Dad out to the local pond for a morning of outdoor relaxation. It’s also approved for saltwater and is rated for multiple lines so everyone can begin improving their overall fishing skills. With prices starting at $10, it’s a deal that’s difficult to ignore.

    Pflueger President Spinning Reel

    This is one of the best fishing reels because it’s got some large ball bearings. 9 of them, to be precise, and that allows for one of the smoothest experiences an angler will ever have during a day of fishing. An instant one-way clutch bearing that has anti-reverse features is included in the design and the aluminum spool has a unique patterning to it that helps it be lighter without being weaker. It is for freshwater fishing only, however, so keep it away from the saltwater. It gets ugly fast if you try to saltwater fish with this beauty.

    How Do You Find the Best Fishing Reel?

    The first thing that must be considered when shopping for a fishing reel is the environment. The right reel will improve your chances of catching the fish you want, but only if it can stand up the environmental conditions that are in play. Ice fishing has different requirements than tropical saltwater fishing. Spinning reels have a different job than baitcasting reels. By knowing what you need, you’ll be able to find the best reel for you.

    Baitcasting reels are a lot like the standard reels that everyone thinks about when fishing. Casting works because of the weight that’s on the end of the line with a lure or bait. Heavier lures typically bring in bigger fish; so many anglers look to these fishing reels as their first, best option because it gives them the best chances to fight in a tough, strong fish over an extended period of time.

    A spinning reel will mount on the underside of the rod. The spool on this reel runs parallel to the fishing rod and the reel doesn’t rotate when it is cast. The action is the same as a baitcasting reel, but because the process is a lot simpler, it is the perfect solution for kids or someone going fishing for the first time.

    Spincasting is a good option for general freshwater fishing. Saltwater reels are required for any ocean fishing. Some reels are made for specific fish as well, such as salmon reels. Fly fishing rods have their own design as well. Decide the kind of fishing that you want to do, how you prefer to cast, and then you’ll be ready to read our comprehensive reviews on the best fishing reels that are available today.

    What Are the Basics of the Best Fishing Reels?

    Whether you’re after the best baitcasting reel or you have a different type of fishing reel in mind, there are some basics that you’re going to need to know as you start the shopping process.

    • Line capacity is vital for selecting a good fishing reel. A fishing reel might cast out to just 20 yards or it may go beyond the 900-yard range. The type of fishing that you plan to do will dictate the amount of line that you need. Small stream fishing needs virtually no line whatsoever. Large lake or saltwater fishing, on the other hand, may need longer lines with higher capacities.
    • Gear ratio is important on all ratios. The best fishing reels are a lot like driving a stick shift automobile. When you spin the reel slowly, you should be able to receive a higher amount of power to help bring the fish in when it wants to fight. Higher speeds help to pull a fish in that’s close to the surface or near your boat.
    • Think about the amount of ball bearings. Many fishing reels have ball bearings within the internal mechanism to help them function properly. In this world, more is always better. If you have extra moving parts to support the reel mechanisms, then you will have a smoother fishing experience.

    Although it seems like common sense, freshwater reels cannot be used in saltwater environments. It’s the #1 reason why anglers need to have a new reel. Unless the fishing reel you’re looking at today can handle the salty air, let it breathe in the fresh air of an inland lake, pond, or river instead so that you can protect your investment.

    Here is a Salty Dog pro tip to keep in mind: spinning reels work much better for live bait that needs to have its integrity intact. Baitcasting reels are generally better for heavy lures or very large bait that can withstand the impact of a long cast.

    What Are the Prices of the Best Fishing Reels Today?

    Much of the price of the modern fishing reel depends on the components that have been used to make it. Many reels can be found for around the $50 mark and they’ll have plenty of durability for the average user. Premium reels may cost more than $400, but there is definite value in that investment because anglers can land the larger fish much more easily with them. Beginning reels that have basic spinning action can be as low as $20 or less depending on the day.

    One of the best places to shop for a great deal on fishing reels isn’t a sporting goods store – it’s Amazon. The online store often has one of the best overall deals across the board on all fishing reels from major brands like Shimano, Okuma and Penn, so there always seems to be a great price to be had.

    The best fishing reels don’t have to cost a lot to provide anglers with a lot of value. Use the reviews, take the tips from this guide, and find the perfect reel to meet your needs today. Then you’ll be able to tell your own stories about how you caught something that was… THIS big.

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