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    Source: Flickr.

    Being able to kayaking is a nice treat, but having the best kayak seat helping you out can make the trip more comfortable. How do you choose the best kayak seat? You’ll need to look at how the seat attaches to the boat, whether you want to get an inflatable seat or one made of rigid materials, and then decide what materials should be included. That’s a lot of decisions to make!

    Here Is the Best Chart for Kayak Seats

    Some kayak seats look comfortable, but they really are not. Other kayak seats look durable, but they really are not. This chart will help you find the right combination of comfort and durability that you can afford.

    Here Are the Salty Dog’s Favorite Kayak Seats

    Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat Back for Sit-On-Top Kayak

    For a chair that is truly comfortable, this has to be one of the best kayak seats that you will ever find. When you have it attached securely to your kayak, it feels just like a camp chair that you’d fold up and pack in your vehicle for a weekend in the woods. It’s a sturdy chair that still provides enough flexibility for those moments when your paddling needs a little extra leverage. You’ll have it ready to go in just minutes and have years of enjoyment afterward.

    Crazy Creek S.O.T. Kayak Chair

    This kayak chair is nice because it adds another level of support along the sides of the chair while providing a good cushion. Instead of the standard fluff, this chair provides a 1-inch layer of memory foam that helps to support your core muscles for paddling. Extended use will begin to wear out the cushion, however; so weekly users might want to invest in a couple of chairs if they like this one. The zippered back pocket is also nice and it includes a drain in case you manage to flip your kayak.

    GTS Expedition Molded Foam Kayak Seat

    This is the best kayak seat for those who are looking to take their water creation to the next level. This seat fits and SOT kayak and offers a backrest that is 18 inches high. The padding is a full two inches and there are drainage channels even included on the seat bundle. A mesh pouch lets you secure some gear and instead of a two-point attachment system, this seat has a 6-point attachment system for better overall security. It’s an investment, but one worth making.

    Harmony Deluxe Sit-on-Top Kayak Seat

    If you prefer something that is a little basic, yet still provides a comfortable experience for an affordable price, then this kayak seat is one to consider. It’s fully adjustable, will fit on most SOT kayaks, and offers hardware that is resistant to corrosion so it can be take out to the sea if you prefer. The ventilation on this seat is nice because it won’t cause that bad sweat that can collect in the small of your back. That’s why this is one of the best kayak seats available today.

    Malibu Spider Angler Seat

    Some kayak chairs are just overpriced for what they are. This beautiful black seat, however, is not only fully adjustable, but very easy to install as well. There’s a gear bag that attaches on the back of the seat and it quickly and securely straps to the side of your boat. The padding is a little low on this seat, so most people aren’t going to want to use it for more than an hour or two, but for the price and its ease of use, you can’t beat what you get here.

    What Is the Benefit of a Kayak Seat?

    Although there are a number of kayaks that come equipped with a seat, not all of them are suitable to meet your needs. They might not provide the right level of back support, could be uncomfortable, and they may even affect your paddling motion. That’s why it is important to evaluate a kayak seat as soon as you have the boat available.

    The modern kayak seat can come in a variety of shapes and styles that are ergonomically friendly. The old Salty Dogs used to go without a seat, but that’s also why many tend to complain of back pain today. Kayaking can be comfortable today, but only if you take the time to select the best kayak seat possible.

    The one exception to this rule is if you have an inflatable kayak that you are planning to use. Many kayaks that are inflatable can only accommodate inflatable seating options. You will need to look at how the seat affixes to the boat and then begin to match up the options, which are available to you in today’s marketing.

    What Is the Advantage of the Best Kayak Seat?

    In one word: stability. When you are paddling along in a kayak, minding your own business, marvelling at bird or animal perhaps as you float along, one shift in your weight can be all that it takes to put you into the water. A great seat will not only allow you to be more comfortable, but it will create a better balance for your weight as well so you stay above the water.

    Cushion size also matters. Not only should a kayak seat be adjustable, but also the cushion needs to be thick enough to provide support without being overly squishy. If you’ve sat in an overstuffed chair, then you get the idea. Too much cushion actually requires more effort for someone to paddle effectively.

    What Are the Prices for the Best Kayak Chairs Today?

    You can get a pretty good deal on the best kayak chairs on a website like Amazon right now. The average price for good chairs is about $60. You’ll find some basic options priced below that, while higher levels of ergonomics can be found at the higher price points. There is generally something available for everyone at every price point.

    The best kayak seats offer a safe way to attach them to your boat, a good level of comfort, and an extra level of durability. You’ll find that with all of these products listed here and that’s why they are part of the Salty Dog’s list of favorite things.

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