Happiness Is Dogs in Kayaks

    You’ve probably seen a dog sitting in the front of a kayak in some beautiful advertisement and thought “That can’t be allowed, can it?” Well, it is and it is actually very common among tourists and avid paddlers. Tandem kayak rentals allow you to take your dog on the fabulous ride through seas, lakes, and straits around the country. What wouldn’t be better than seeing the beautiful things you set out to with man’s best friend? You’ll be able to relax while enjoying time with the pup leaning over the side staring through the clear water and frolicking with the many marine animals 6 inches below them.

    Dogs love laying in the front and looking at the beautiful view of the nature around them, but maybe they want to see under them as well. In beautiful clear waters such as Key West, kayaks with clear bottoms are pretty common because people’s pooches get extra excited trying to grab the fish beneath them through the plastic or glass.It’s a quite nice thing to see their dog enjoy the place their owner loves so much, almost as nice as when you come home and your pooch has missed you.

    Kayaking alone is proven to reduce stress and anxiety significantly, but going with your best friend out for both of you to enjoy is known to have a greatly positive effect on your mental health. If you don’t feel this way because your dog is particularly uncomfortable with water, make sure to train him or her and give them a cute doggie life jacket to ease any worries. That way if they forget how to do the instinctive doggie paddle, they will stay afloat regardless.

    It has already been established by many experts that the best paddler or the adult sits in the back of the kayak for the most control while the child, or in this case, the dog sits inactive in the front. Yes, you’ll be doing all the work, but no one (including your pooch) will be yelling at you to paddle faster so go at a comfortable pace. This way, you can enjoy a worry-free, blissful day with your pup.

    Try to get a sit-on-top kayak so your dog can lay down and enjoy the view comfortably, because we both know that when they are comfortable, we are. Dogs, for whatever reason are happier during sunset so a nice paddle down your lake in known to make people as well as their pets very calm.

    Dogs enjoying a kayak alongside their owner is a fabulous thing for both and that is why happiness is a beautiful byproduct of it. Your dog can enjoy the same nature that you enjoy with a front row seat and a PFD to keep your mind at ease the whole way. Not only does it physically calm your body to be there, but your dog will appreciate you for bringing him or her and you will no longer have to spend a day alone with nature

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