Planning Your Next Vacation: Amazing Places to Go Kayaking

    Image Credit: Flickr.

    Image Credit: Flickr.

    Anyone who has been ocean kayaking knows that the fun is not in paddling, but in the experience and scenery. Some waters can be muddy and hard to navigate while others can be clear and glistening just like the sky above. If you’re looking for new places that enhance this experience, start with these beautiful areas to paddle through.

    If you are looking for a tropical ride, it is worth your while to find the water you can see right through to the bottom because the light of day makes that water gorgeous. One place that demonstrates this atmosphere is the Mexican Galapagos. Paddle through these scenic turquoise waters where the Sun illuminates the rare species living on the sea floor. The waters of Baja will keep you in awe during the entire trip and come back to a beautiful sandy coastline for you to sit on to watch the sunset. One destination famed for its glistening waters is the Florida Keys! Not only are you sitting less than six inches above a beautiful mass of transparent water, but you are guided through a serene waterway between columns of trees hanging over and allowing the sunlight to peek through. It is also very common for kayakers to bring along man’s best friend as they enjoy watching the animals swimming through the water below.

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    On the other side of the spectrum, looking for a view of the snowy mountain peaks on the horizon is another theme the avid kayaker yearns for. Many have agreed, including Bob Ross that Alaska is one of the most beautiful places on the planet with an amazing wide-skied view of the mountain peaks enclosing you and the still waters allowing you to focus on the beauty of the 750-mile coastline. One place in particular that represents this spectacle is Kenai Fjords National Park. Witness these glorious glaciers up close and be surprised by the sight of a few orcas and sea lions.

    Looking for a thrill? Visit the Ottawa River in Canada where you can zig zag down these freestyle rapids. During the summer, it flows at a warm 70 degrees Fahrenheit complete with waterfalls and sandy beaches. The main channel and mid-channel allows you to flow through 175 islands of paradise with the “Garberator” wave meeting you at the Lorne rapid. For a more tropical approach to the whitewater kayaking trip, try out what is known as the “greatest Whitewater on Earth” or the Futaleufú River in Chile. The scenery has been compared to a blend of the Grand Canyon, Yosemite, and Caribbean. The options of the Class V+ for experts and the 22-mile smoother stretch have appealed to most whitewater kayakers around the world and more join every day.

    Whether you seek a tropical release or a northern thrill, these are some of the best places to try out. These are no normal beaches as the scenery in all of these areas make people return every year for another look. So bring your lucky oars and paddle past landscapes revered by millions.

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