About the Salty Dog

    Not even I can remember what year I was born or what I had for breakfast yesterday. What I do remember is what it is like being out on the water, trying to have fun, and being forced to use shoddy equipment that you’d hesitate giving as a birthday present to your worst enemy. I don’t know about you, but I get pretty tired of seeing lots of advertising every day for the next great water recreation product, only to find out that it is nothing but a hunk of junk.

    That’s what I created this water recreation guide. These are my all-time favorite things. You will find some treasures here that will help to enhance the fun you can have on the water. Now stop reading about me and go find so great tips to help you have some fun in the sun!

    Stay Safe on the Water – But Most Importantly, Have FUN!

    Marty McKnight (aka The Salty Dog).