The Salty Dog’s Guide to the Best Dry Bag

    Source: Flickr.

    Source: Flickr.

    When you’re out on the water, you’ve got to take some supplies along with you. Food, water, and probably a camera are the top three items on your list. All three of these things have something in common: they need to be kept dry. Whether you’re on a kayak, a boat, or you’ve just decided to jump off a pier, the best dry bags will get the job done: your stuff will stay dry.

    The best dry bags are nice and light. Many of them weigh just 5 ounces or so, allowing you to stash them pretty much anywhere so you can bring them along. They’ll even work with inflatable craft. You never know when you might get wet, so grab some dry bags to keep everything dry should that happen.

    Here are some things you’ll need to watch for when shopping for the best dry bags.

    #1. Electronics need to have a different dry bag. Electronics need to have some specialized dry bags that keep out even condensation so they are protected. If you are bringing along a fish finder or your camera, consider stashing them into the bag so your investment is protected. Cell phones are another item to stash in there.

    #2. A dry box might be a better option. If you are planning on some fishing, then a dry box might be a better option – especially if you can strap it to your boat or kayak. These are larger and designed to take specialized items, so your electronics or your fishing gear won’t get soggy.

    #3. Size matters with the best dry bags. The whole point of having a dry bag is that your items will be able to float if you get capsized. The larger a dry bag happens to be, then the greater the likelihood will be that it will pop back up at the surface once again, later in the day. 

    #4. You’re going to need different sizes. If you’ve ever capsized with your wallet full of cash, then you know about the importance of having small dry bags that are secure enough to keep your wallet dry and safe. You never know what you’ll want or need to store on any given trip, so make sure to have different sizes to accommodate all of your items. 

    #5. Reinforced dry bags are a necessity. Your car keys are sharper than you might think. Your electronics have corners that can rub in even the best dry bags and cause damage. That’s why you’ll want to have reinforced dry bags in your inventory so that everything can be efficiently protected. 

    #6. There should be ties available with the dry bags. The best dry bags will allow you to lash them to your boat easily. This helps to make sure that you won’t lose your valuables if you need to take them along for some reason. 

    By making sure you have the best dry bags in your possession, you won’t lose your keys or void the warranty on your cell phone. Look for high quality bags that will resist wearing and you’ll have a useful tool available for your next day of water recreation.

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