Step-By-Step Guide on How to Pull a Tube Behind a Boat

    So you’ve decided to have a little more fun with your boat. It is such a thrill to ride through the water on your belly like you’re flying but there are a few things that need to be taken care of before you can get going. It is nothing like riding down a lazy river so here’s what to do in order to catch the thrill of tube riding.

    The first step to towing a tube is to buy the right gear, gear that will withstand the conditions you want to ride in. When choosing your tube, make sure you take into account the amount of riders you want to be on it at the same time as well as how fast you want to go to make sure the weight limit is high enough. With any type of water sports that involve towing, a spotter should definitely be used since the driver is facing he opposite way and cannot hear when someone is hurt. This way, you can have someone with all their attention on the path of the tube and someone who can communicate to the driver for their safety and preferences. Buy rope that is specifically designed for towing and especially for large amounts of weight.

    Once you’ve got your gear, it is time to set it up for your ride. You should get a bridle because it stretches and has a pulley system to allow for flexible movement of the tube. Mount two tow hooks on the stern of your boat on either side of the motor near the corners. Bridles attach to the hooks in many different ways, it depends on what kind you bought. With some, you just have to pull the rope through your hook and pull it over the ears to keep it nice and secure. Then hook the end of the bridle to the actual tow rope connected to your tube. There can be a screw keeping it in place as this is the tensest part of the entire tow so it must be strong. Once you have that set up, you can go for a little test ride but you must know that no matter how secure the rider is, it is not suggested that the driver goes anywhere over 20 mph. Besides, any pro driver will tell you that it is not about how fast you go but how you work the wheel that makes it more fun for the riders.

    Now that you know how to find the right gear for you and how to set up the gear to be safe for everyone involved, you can set out for your first tow. However, as a rule that applies to every water sport, everyone should be wearing their own personal floatation device. Once the safety precautions are administered, the riders are in their tubes ready to hold on for dear life, the driver and spotter are in the boat, you can all finally enjoy a day of tube riding.

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