Three Simple Towable Tube Safety Tips

    Three Simple Towable Tube Safety TipsAfter buying a towable tube from our guide, anyone would be eager to try it out immediately but there is much risk that goes into riding the waters with one. With all of the scenarios that could occur, there are a few safety precautions that could help prevent anything too scary while allowing you to have as much fun as you would like.

    1. Wear A Life Vest

    Anywhere you look, the #1 biggest piece of advice for people using towable tubes is for them to use a life vest at all times. In case the people on the tube are thrown off, this will keep them at the surface until help arrives. Since the path of the tube can be obstructed by protruding objects, it is easy for the riders to be thrown off by human error. The life vests that comply with the U.S. coastguard specifications because otherwise, the vest may not hold up when you need it to. Also make sure the vest is not worn out and that it fits properly because a vest is no good if it slips off once you land in the water. It is also recommended to use a sports helmet to avoid a head injury when riders do wipe out.

    2. Designated “Spotter”

    Another good idea is to designate a ‘spotter’ in the front vehicle to watch the path of the tube for any protruding objects. Making sure there are no rocks in the way prevents injury to the riders and damage to the tube. This makes sure there is an extra person near the driver looking out only for the safety of the riders. The spotter is also the one who communicates between the riders and the driver for any reason and lets the driver know if a rider falls off. They should be looking forward for any obstacles but during a turn, may look in all directions since the tube’s path will be altered.

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    3. Be Aware

    As with any other sport or maneuvering of any kind, make sure not to mix the experience with alcohol or any other controlled substance as this impairs judgement and can hurt those being towed. Make sure that you know the waters you are riding in: know the shallow areas, rocky areas, and places most attractive to swimmers. Also take into account that the tube turns at a wider angle and rides at faster speeds than the tower’s vehicle and may have a different path when it comes to turns. Check the tow rope for entanglements and make sure that its tow strength is high enough to support all of the passengers.

    These are three simple ways to prevent catastrophe during your time tubing. Make sure you have safety equipment such as the life vest and the helmet and make sure you have a spotter available to see what the driver cannot. Try not to exceed boat speeds of 20 mph and make sure no one’s judgement is impaired during the trip. It is dangerous to attempt to tow more than one tube at a time as this can cause a collision with the tubes.

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