Top 2 Reasons Why Kayaking is Excellent Exercise

    If your arms really hurt after a long day of kayaking, you can expect to find out that great exercise is a reward for it since pain has always been a byproduct of exercise. There are a few health benefits and some are not even directly related to physical health, but a day of fun can get you a toned body or a healthy heart. There’s a long list of all the benefits associated with kayaking, but here are the top two.

    Weight loss is immensely possible when kayaking as it has been calculated that propelling your kayak 5 mph requires enough energy to burn 400 calories per hour. For all you “calorie counters” out there, this is living the dream. Not only that but just the motion of you sweeping that paddle through that body of water holding all that force against you targets most upper body muscles as it takes your whole upper body to swap sides. So not only will you lose weight but you can tone your biceps and back muscles as well. For four hours of paddling, you can lose 1600 pounds and tone that body. You’ll look great while doing it.

    One of the main reasons people kayak is to relax, of course. But, kayaking has been proven to be an enormous stress reliever to the extent of decreasing anxiety and depression in the long-term. It even prevents fatigue as you age. With depression becoming a nationwide epidemic and being the largest disease to sweep our society, everyone could use a little kayaking in their lives. It adds a sense of calmness and serenity that gets rid of stress and enhances people’s lives which explains why rehabilitation centers use it as a technique to stabilize the mind.

    These are most important because they demonstrate how kayaking can influence the mind and body in grand ways. They can help people lose weight and keep their mind at ease and in addition to all the other health benefits such as keeping joints healthy, lowering blood pressure, decreasing cholesterol, and providing social growth. You can meet many great people who share your love for kayaking and that is also possible in other sports but getting both a mental and physical workout while enjoying yourself is all anyone could ever ask for. This is even better with people in the same boat.

    The top two health benefits of kayaking are weight loss and the establishment of a clear mind, but that is among the social and lifetime benefits associated with this passion many people have. This is why it was one of the fastest growing aerobic exercises. It has also helped people enjoy themselves and time with their friends for many decades. Kayaking is one of the most enjoyable and excellent exercises of all time and has been loved by millions around the globe, but even if you’re a whitewater kayaker, paddling can give you just as much relaxation as flowing down a lake.

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